Hassle-free decommissioning

Although decommissioning and removing used electrical assets can be a sensitive process, we are here to remove the fuss and strain from disposing of them. We offer a full project management service to ensure everything runs smoothly. With our help behind you, you can protect your facility and remaining infrastructure whilst maximizing the return on your salvage equipment. Talk to us today if you need turnkey equipment removal services of the finest caliber.

At Brilliant, we prefer to work directly with your existing facilities maintenance and their electrical subcontractors in order to ensure the decom process runs as smoothly as possible. We remove your decom equipment in line with your schedule to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. You can also rest assured that we offer sustainable decommissioning services that ensure your impact on the environment is negligible.

Square D QED Switchboard i-Line Breakers PowerPact

We can help you if you need to decommission and remove:

Expertly-planned decommissioning

When you’re about to decommission a data center, colocation, cloud infrastructure, server farm, cloud provider or enterprise, there are many things you need to take into account. The first step you need to take is to develop a plan. Your decommissioning plan needs to include removal, sales and disposal of all the equipment you want to dispose of. If you have any high-ticket items, you may be able to transfer these into cash. You can also recycle expendable items like cables and ductwork. If you sell a data center system as a complete unit, you can expect the Return on Investment to be greater than recycling. Some expendables need to be disposed of, and this can generate extra fees. 

Your decommissioning one-stop-shop

At Brilliant, we can be your one-stop-shop for data center decommissioning. We work closely alongside certified partners to deliver comprehensive decommissioning services for a wide range of clients. We are here to provide the solutions you’re looking for. 

We have a deep understanding of the hassle often involved in selling your surplus equipment, as well as the logistics associated with the process. We offer hassle-free transactions on new surplus, change orders, used and decommissioned equipment, and have been doing so for over a quarter of a century. Choose the Brilliant option to make selling circuit breakers, switch gear, motor control, generators, and data center equipment a breeze. 

Ready to serve you

Brilliant serves a wide range of clients seeking decommissioning services, and these include property managers, distributors, electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, and demolition contractors. When you choose Brilliant, you benefit from manpower in a wild labor market. With our help behind you, your electricians can focus on what they do best. To find out more about our Brilliant decommissioning services, contact us today. Give us a call, send us an email or complete the form on our site.