Should equipment be removed from service?

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One last factor to consider is if you need the equipment decommissioned or simply removed from service. The amount a surplus buyer offers is based on the equipment being loaded and arriving at their warehouse in the same condition it was in when the offer was made. Many great contractors have a hard time properly removing and packaging surplus equipment.

One reason is that they simply don’t have time to assign skilled laborers to the removal portion of the overall project. In today’s labor climate this proves to be the case more times than not.

Properly dismantling switchgear or motor controls centers or rigging out large transformers and generators can often be the difference between a trip to the scrap pile or the bank.

Take advantage of the resources your surplus equipment buyer can provide. They can oftentimes provide knowledgeable labor to remove, load and transport the equipment. Teaming up with the right buyer and removal crew will allow you to maximize your return on the sale and keep your skilled labor assigned to the installation of the new equipment.

Demolition contractors, you know your guys are great at what they do but equipment removal for resale isn’t their strength.

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