Equipment Recovery Services 

Have you been offered valuable power distribution equipment that needs to be decommissioned? Brilliant has 20+ years of power distribution equipment removal experience. Do you find it challenging to make an offer on equipment knowing that it will most likely be damaged by the demolition company upon removal?

Brilliant riggers specialize in the removal of switchgear, MCC, transformers, generators & computer room equipment. Knowing how and where to properly split, lift & load electrical equipment assures the buyer’s equipment arrives in undamaged condition.


Are there deals that are being sold as a lot but you only want a few pieces?

Brilliant will partner with you to buy complete deals or projects. You get to buy what you want and Brilliant will arrange buyers for the remaining equipment.

we buy used motor control centers mcc north carolina

Are you looking for specific hard to source pieces of equipment?

Brilliant purchasing agents have relationships nationwide that are a valuable resource for locating specific types of equipment.  If you’re in need of parts or equipment for an order and your typical trade partners are out of stock, let Brilliant find what you need.

Brilliant’s turn-key equipment locating, removal, rigging & logistics services will save you time and manpower. There’s no need to take valuable employees from your daily operation and send them to an equipment removal site. Make the Brilliant choice and receive your equipment at your facility without the added hassle of overseeing a decom project.