Determining value of surplus electrical equipment

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If you’re a contractor that regularly removes used equipment or you find yourself with non-cancelable or non-returnable equipment, this blog is for you.

We will break down the truths and misconceptions regarding selling surplus or used equipment. As we pull back the curtain, you will see how valuable it is to establish a relationship with the right buyers and removal contractors.

What’s the difference between New & New Surplus?

New is equipment that has been sold through an authorized distributor or OEM via the manufacturer’s distribution channels. New equipment has a warranty and all product liabilities are held by the manufacturer. New equipment is undamaged within factory packaging.

New Surplus equipment is never used equipment sold by a company outside of the authorized distributor or OEM channel. Once a piece of equipment is sold from a job site, contractor’s warehouse, or dead stock from a distributor, the equipment becomes New Surplus. In most cases, warranties & liabilities are held by the reseller.