Switchgear Decommissioning Services

decommission switchgear
electrical decomissioning

When it comes to your electrical equipment decommissioning, we go beyond simply disconnecting electrical equipment. Our switchgear decommissioning services include rigging, lifting and transportation of heavy electrical gear. We specialize in decommissioning electrical equipment, ensuring safety, electrical industry guidelines and efficiency at every step.

Recover Value on Used Switchgear and Electrical Equipment

Brilliant Equipment decommissioning provides a chance for you to maximize returns during the switchgear decommissioning process. Avoid the inconvenience of surplus equipment by selling secondhand switchgear and other electrical equipment through our services. We help with asset liquidation, converting unwanted equipment into valuable resources that may be reallocated to fulfill your company’s needs.

Whether you want to decommission switchgear, improve, or replace your present electrical equipment, we can assist you with the safe and efficient removal of heavy electrical equipment.

Our services go beyond only decommissioning; we also provide asset recovery and responsible asset recycling, which contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to electrical life expectancy.

decommission switchgear

Rigging and Lifting Heavy Electrical Equipment

Our crew is proficient in the art of rigging, providing a smooth transition during the decommissioning process. The entire procedure is practical and ecologically mindful. Our commitment includes responsible asset recycling, which minimizes resources from ending up in landfills or demolition waste. By engaging with our sustainability goals, your company contributes to a cleaner future while lowering overall costs.

Switchgear Rigging, Removal and Equipment Transportation

Below are some of the more common switchgear assets that property managers need to sell, move and replace. You’ll see an emphasis on Safety and care in handling, among our top priorities when helping you dispose of unwanted electrical gear.